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Anatomy in Clay® Learning System Podcast

The Anatomy in Clay® Learning System podcast includes interviews with anatomy students and anatomy teachers who are part of the Anatomy in Clay family far and wide. For more information visit


Jul 22, 2021

A conversation with Bev Boyer and Ivannie Whistance with the Colorado Learning Center of Human Anatomy.

Bev Boyer has been a Massage Therapist and Teacher of Massage and Human Anatomy for 30 years. Bev founded the center to share human anatomy study utilizing cadavers and work with donors to share their health history and lifestyle. The center allows for empowerment, enrichment and education to stimulate knowledge and interest in many healthcare practitioners, high school students and teachers in her community.

Ivannie Whistance is Vice President of the Colorado Learning Center of Human Anatomy. Ivannie has been an intern with the lab for over four years and has since joined our board as Vice President. She has a bachelors degree in biology and a masters of science in forensic medicine from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Ivannie assists in dissection, oversees and helps with autopsies, and helps direct the student interns.

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