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Anatomy in Clay® Learning System Podcast

The Anatomy in Clay® Learning System podcast includes interviews with anatomy students and anatomy teachers who are part of the Anatomy in Clay family far and wide. For more information visit


Jun 23, 2021

This time on the Anatomy in Clay® Learning System podcast, something completely different: decades-old audio from Anatomy in Clay® Learning System founder Jon Zahourek discussing some basic insights into human and mammal anatomy in his ever-colorful style. 

This audio may be old, but Jon Zahourek’s ideas are fresh and his excitement level, as always, quite high.

On this podcast:

  1. Origin Size vs. Muscle Size
  2. Brachiators
  3. Mammalian Pronation
  4. Thoracic Rotation
  5. Equine Patella
  6. Mammalian Intuition
  7. The Body is A Weaving

All these audio clips have video to go with them, by the way, head to for the complete Anatomy in Clay Insights series.  

Intro and outro music courtesy of Moby Gratis, "Double Vision."