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Anatomy in Clay® Learning System Podcast

The Anatomy in Clay® Learning System podcast includes interviews with anatomy students and anatomy teachers who are part of the Anatomy in Clay family far and wide. For more information visit


Oct 14, 2020

After teaching in classrooms for twenty-four years, Clelia McCory has been helping Kansas school districts with acquiring, maintaining, and improving vocational education funding/programs during the past four years.

To date, she has helped bring the Anatomy in Clay® Learning System to nearly half of the school districts in The Sunflower State.

McCrory has helped teachers develop approved CTE programs in the areas of Business, Technology, Agriculture, and Trade & Industry.

She also helps districts develop Pre-Collegiate Education and Health Occupations programs. She works closely with the Kansas Department of Education Career and Technical Education consultants. Her trainings are offered to keep teachers abreast of changes and help schools improve the program quality of career technical education.

Intro and Outro music "Viscious Pen" by Moby courtesy of Moby Gratis.