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Anatomy in Clay® Learning System Podcast

The Anatomy in Clay® Learning System podcast includes interviews with anatomy students and anatomy teachers who are part of the Anatomy in Clay family far and wide. For more information visit


Dec 21, 2022

Professor Qian Moss teaches biology, anatomy, physiology, and nutrition at the DMACC. She is also a Pre-Medicine Advisor, helping DMACC students interested in medical fields choose course curriculum, meet clinical requirements, and navigate the application process. 

Moss grew up in China and graduated from the Third Military Medical University of China in Sichuan Province.  She also earned a Master's Degree in Microbiology from the University of Georgia.

Professor Moss enjoys teaching about what she calls the “amazing” human body.

Professor Moss’ latest passion is assimilating anatomy and physiology into yoga, teaching to help people heal.  Moss obtained her 500-hour yoga teacher training certificate teaching yoga at Des Moines Area Community College and donates a portion of her fees to a non-profit that supports the college. 

More about Des Moines Area Community College:

Intro and Outro music "Vicious Pen" courtesy of Moby Gratis