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Anatomy in Clay® Learning System Podcast

The Anatomy in Clay® Learning System podcast includes interviews with anatomy students and anatomy teachers who are part of the Anatomy in Clay family far and wide. For more information visit


Mar 25, 2023

Rachelle Harner is the senior high school science instructor at Geibel Catholic Junior Senior High School in Connellsville, Pennsylvania.  Rachelle has a master’s degree in Instructional Design and Technology from Walden University and a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Secondary Science Education from West Virginia University.  Rachelle has been a science educator since 2003 in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.  During her career, Rachelle has taught a variety of grade-level, Advanced Placement, and dual-credit high school science courses including Anatomy and Physiology, Physics, Chemistry, Forensic Science, and Introduction in Engineering.

More about Geibel Catholic Junior Senior High School:

Intro and Outro music "Vicious Pen" courtesy of Moby Gratis